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Playland is a historic amusement park (some of the rides still date from the 1920's) on the shore of Long Island Sound.  The area also offers a swimming beach, nature preserve and a kayak launch. 


To get to the put-in, enter Playland Amusement Park in Westchester.  You will have to pay the parking fee.  Go through the parking lot past the main entrance to the park.  About 100 feet past the main entrance, by the side of a lake, there is a road heading off to the right.  The put-in is down the road to the right (this is also the road to Read Nature Sanctuary).  On busy days, the road is filled with walkers.  Park staff stop most people from driving down the road, but will allow you to drive your boat down and park your car.  On very busy days, you may be asked to move your car back to the main lot after you drop your boat off, but I have never been asked to.

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Mamaroneck, Larchmont and New Rochelle lie along the shore further to the south-east toward New York, To the north, you reach Greenwich shore points.  Be sure to read the material on Greenwich before traveling there.  Landing can be difficult.

This is the western part of the sound.  Current is not a significant factor, but do be careful of wind.  

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