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IF YOU USE THIS GUIDE, YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.  The guide is for informational purposes only and is provided without warranty of any kind.  There is no way for the authors of these documents to know when you are going out on the water, what the conditions are, and what kind of equipment you are using.  In other words, the information in this guide can be used to help you plan a trip, but it cannot be a substitute for common sense and experience.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL ON THE WATER.  Paddling can be dangerous no matter how well you plan and nothing in this guide can change that.

Maps, weather reports and tide charts are provided by outside links.  You should be familiar with the disclaimers on those sites before using the information there as well.

If you are new to paddling, get lessons from others with experience and always travel with a partner or group.

Use of the information in this guide is at your own risk.  Please read our disclaimer.

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