Bayside Marina

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Bayside Marina is a small launching area maintained by the City of New York Department of Parks and Recreation.   Click here for more information.  YOU WILL NEED A PERMIT TO LAUNCH AND PARK. 

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You may venture out into the immediate area, which include the sheltered waters of Little Neck Bay.  For longer paddles, try heading north along the shore of Long Island up to Execution Rocks Lighthouse or Sands Point.  Experienced paddlers may venture across to City Island, Orchard Beach or New Rochelle

The main shipping channel comes through the Throg's Neck Bridge and stays fairly near the Long Island shore, but keep a sharp eye out for boats of all sizes at all times.  This area is heavily traveled by both commercial and recreational craft and can be treacherous due to boat traffic.  The United States Merchant Marine Academy, the Coast Guard and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration all run ships of all sizes out of a facility at King's Point, Long Island, on the eastern end of the mouth of Little Neck Bay.  Keep your distance from any ships and do not try to enter the facility for any reason in your kayak.  There are signs forbidding boaters from entering the area.  Recreational boats are everywhere here.  Keep a sharp eye for approaching craft.

This part of Long Island Sound receives most of its tidal flow through the East River, which meets Long Island Sound right where the Throg's Neck Bridge crosses between Queens and the Bronx.  Currents and shipping make the area by the bridge and beyond - towards the city - dangerous for kaykers.  Stay back from the bridge and well towards the open waters of the Sound for safety. 

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