Peanut Leap Cascade

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Peanut Leap Cascade is a waterfall at the bottom of "Skunk Hollow."  There is good beach to land on and a 50 foot waterfall to view as a small creek spills over the Palisades cliffs.  There is good hiking in the area in Palisades Interstate Park and some nice picnicking. 

There are no roads near the area, and so this is not a point to launch your boat.  You can get here from Piermont, Sneden's Landing, Yonkers or Irvington.

Keep your eyes on the cliffs above you.  Many birds use the updrafts by the cliffs to soar over the woods and water.  Watch for hawks, falcons, and even bald eagles (I sighted two near here in October of 2005). 

NOTE:  Check the weather BEFORE you start your trip here.  Storms that move in from the west are almost impossible to see in advance because of the high cliffs.

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