McKinney Wildlife Reserve

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The Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Reserve is actually eight separate parcels of land stretching the entire length of Connecticut's shoreline from the Thimble Islands to Greenwich.  Some areas are located on the shore itself and other parcels are located on islands.  The entire reserve consists of 825 acres spread over 60 miles of coast.

There are two places in this guide that fall within the McKinney Reserve:  The islands listed off the coast of Norwalk, and Calf Island in Greenwich.

The Reserve was established in 1972 and in 1987 was named for a Connecticut Congressman who helped to create it.

The Reserve is especially important to migrating birds and has been instrumental in preserving marsh and other shore habitat across Connecticut. 

For charts, details on tides, weather, and put-ins, click on the individual areas listed in the guide.

For some variety to your paddle, bring along a snorkel and mask.  The water is fairly clear here for this far north, and there is a lot to see along the bottom.  The photo below was taken about 6 feet under water near the reserve off of Norwalk, CT.



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